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SEO Pittsburgh is owned and run by individuals on the autism spectrum, utilizing their special talents of computer skills and linguistics.

We at SEO Pittsburgh were motivated to develop this Autism ID Card after attending the Autism Speaks National Town Hall Meeting and speaking with numerous adults on the autism spectrum who have had negative encounters with law enforcement and other emergency personnel.

Due to the stress of an emergency situation, people with autism are frequently unable to communicate the nature of their condition, and the first responders at the scene often misinterpret their behavior and take action against them.

To address this problem, people on the autism spectrum can present this Autism ID Card to Police, EMTs, and other emergency personnel to inform these officials about their diagnosis and to educate them about the potential autism-related behavior that they may exhibit.

The official wording of this Autism ID Card was developed in collaboration with the Chief Deputy Public Defender, Cindy Akers Goldstein, and is approved by the Allegheny County Office of the Public Defender.

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As adults with autism, and as informed presenters, we also provide Autism Consulting for schools, therapeutic practices, workplaces, and first responders.

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